[Keto / Low carb] Chocolate Mousse Cake (Eggless/ No oven / Gluten free) / ASMR | Oyatsu Lab.

Rich chocolate mousse, no oven, eggless recipe. This is low-carb and gluten free recipe. Though it is great for those who are on diet, it taste really nice with smooth texture.

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・45g Cocoa powder
・280g Almond Milk
・240g Heavy cream
・110g Sweetener
・8g Gelatin
・40g Water
・Cocoa powder (topping)

0:00 ーRecipe for chocolate mousse cakeー
0:07 1.Add water to gelatin to get it soften.
0:33 2.Sift and add cocoa powder and sweetener to a bowl and add milk little by little not to make it lumpy.
2:50 3.Microwave 2 until just before boiling and dissolve sugar.
3:13 4.Add 1 to 3 to dissolve and add heavy cream. Mix.
4:17 5.Filter 4 and pour to the mold (21cm). Refrigerate more than 6 hours.
5:30 6.Have cocoa powder and all done!

10 servings
FIBER: 1.1g
FAT: 12.7g
CALORIES: 133.6kcal



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[Gluten free] Chocolate Mousse Cake (Eggless/ No oven)
[Sans gluten] Mousse au chocolat gâteau (four Eggless / Non)
[글루텐 무료] 초콜릿 무스 케이크 (Eggless / 아니오 오븐)
[Sin gluten] Mousse de Chocolate Cake (Eggless / n horno)
[लस मुक्त] चॉकलेट मूस केक (Eggless / नहीं ओवन)
[Sem glúten] Chocolate Mousse Cake (Eggless / No forno)
[Клейковина] Шоколадный мусс торт (Eggless / No печь)
[Glutenfrei] Schokoladencreme-Kuchen (Eggless / Nein Backofen)
[خالية من الجلوتين] موس الشوكولاته كعكة (Eggless / لا فرن)
[Gluten gratis] Chocolate Mousse Cake (Eggless / No oven)
[ตังฟรี] ช็อคโกแลตมูสเค้ก (Eggless / ไม่มีเตาอบ)
[Gluten miễn phí] Sôcôla Mousse Cake (Eggless / Không lò)


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